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Christopher David (Chris) Callaghan was born in Southern Africa of Irish decent, dying on Monday 2nd December 2019 in Fermoy, Ireland (see death notices: & Cork Beo) with his ashes being scattered on Knysna lagoon South Africa, a region where he had spent many happy married years with the renowned artist, Barbara Barrett. He was the great grandson of Admiral of the Fleet, Sir George Astley Callaghan. His family dropped the 'O' in 1758 to side-step the Penal Code, then in force in Cork. His ancestor at the time, a one Sean O'Callaghan, thus became John Callaghan. John's son, Dan (1760-1824) became one of Cork's major merchants; supplying Wellington's fleet anchored in the Cove of Cork to dissuade Napoleon from attempted to attack up the back door (eg Bristol & Liverpool). In 1966, while living in Rhodesia, Chris received a cheque for £500, as his share of Dan's fortune. The Southern hemisphere played a hand in Chris' rich heritage giving him, for example, an Australian grandmother and a happily married period of life in Knizner South Africa. Earlier in his life, Chris had spent 2½ years "studying" Pure and Applied Maths, Organic and Inorganic Chemistry, Physics (including crystallography) and Geology. In Sept 1959, he exchanged his text and note books for cash, caught the fortnightly mail‐ship at Cape Town for Southampton, obtained a foot‐holding in advertising at 40 Berkeley Square, London and remained largely self-employed in that vibrant industry for the majority of his working life before heading to Ireland to live out the remainder of his days researching and writing a detailed account of Ceallachan of Caisil (the eponymous ancestor of all O'Callaghans) which he published in 2013 see PDF Overview - title page, contents and preface). His six years of research and careful study has provided the most detailed account to date that has been published of this successful and popular Irish king. Through this book, Chris has made an invaluable contribution to the global Callaghan family legacy which will see him being remembered and living on in the minds and hearts of all those people who share his proud family name.


NB: If you are a friend or member of Chris' family and have any edits or corrections to the above please send them to us in an email. A photo of Chris, or details of when / where he was born would be especially useful.


Chris' Book


Title: Book of The Callaghan: Ceallachain Caisil, King Of Munster 934-954 (see PDF Overview - title page, contents and preface)

Author/Publisher: A heritage book researched and edited by Chris O'Callaghan

Content Summary: The first in-depth factual account of Ceallachán Caisil, the formidable Chief of the Eóganachta tribe and King of Munster during the period 934-954. The book details 6 years of research to reveal a successful and popular king whose legendary exploits have given him a special place in Irish history. For example, it details how, in the face of Viking invasions and O'Neill machinations, between the years of 934 and 954, he achieved all the military and political objectives required by the elders and the twenty-nine tribes of Munster.

Availability: Chris had self-published this book, selling and depositing copies directly to readers and a few Irish reference libraries. His motivation in this endeavour was not one of profit, rather it was to fulfil his ambition to make available a more detailed and accurate account of the life of Ceallachain Caisil (the father of all Callaghans), which he believed existing texts failed to do adequately. Thus, his charges for the books (printed and digital) simply covered the media and P&P costs. While, as a result of his death, this book is currently unavailable, some of his associates who have CDs containing the original WORD and PDF files are hoping to make his book available online for download, to insure his impressive work doesn't die with him and that his legacy will live on. If we get more news on this, we will post it here.

ISBN: 978-0-9565354-2-9

Size: 365 pages

Place of Publication: Co. Cork, Ireland,

Date of Publication: 2014

Print Format: Printed on art paper with a royal red hard cover and gold titling

Digital Format: CD (containing WORD and PDF versions). For more information, see the final paragraph of Callaghan Sept of Arms where Chris advertised his book.

Original Cost: Printed book €30 plus P&P; Digital book €5 plus P&P


Chris' Araltas Webpage


WWW.ARALTAS.COM was an Irish Heraldry website. Chris had contributed to a page, served from this site, which described the Callaghan Sept of Arms. Sadly this website is now defunct but a copy, made on the 16th of September 2018, of Chris' description can be found here.


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